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Peak Music Festivals

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Peak Music Festivals

3000 Custer Road # 270-126

Plano, TX     75075








All fees must be paid by April 1 of the year of the event, regardless of eligibility of participating students.  For Premium Events, Peak will refund 100% of Performance Fee for students who may become ineligible after your April 1 payment is made.  This refund will be within 30 days of the event you have registered for.

Registration fee is non-refundable.  Groups cancelled before March 15 will receive a full refund of Performance Fees. Groups cancelled after March 15 and up to 14 days prior to their event will receive a refund of 50% of Performance Fees. Groups cancelled within 14 days of their event receive no refund.

Registration fee is non-refundable and due within 30 days of registration. Per person or per group Performance fee is due by April 1 of the year of the event.  A $50 late fee is assessed if payment is not received by April 1.  Registrations received after April 1 are assessed a $50 Late Booking Fee

Registrations are accepted on-line.  With each registration you will be notified that your registration has been received and you will also receive an invoice for your Registration Fee.  When your payment is received by Peak, your registration will then be confirmed.  See "Fees" page for payment information. We reserve the right to discard your registration if we do not receive payment in a timely manner.

Map of Festival Sites

Peak Music Festivals provides top-quality, low cost performance opportunities for hundreds of school bands and orchestras.

Texas' largest non-profit Music Festival for Band and Orchestra